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Keeping Our Waterways Clean since 1937


The Danville Sanitary District (District) is a separate municipal government founded in 1935 to treat wastewater from the City of Danville, Illinois.  The plant began operating in 1937.  The plant has expanded in response to both local demand, and regulatory requirements enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Since 1935, the plant has had major expansions in 1957, 1967, 1974, and 1983.  

Today's plant is still operating on the backbone of up to 83 year old infrastructure.  As would be expected, the infrastructure needs to be rehabilitated, and in some cases replaced.

Proactive Approach

The District philosophy is to anticipate and plan for rehabilitation of our aging capital assets, rather than reacting to sudden failures of critical systems.  Consistent with this proactive approach, the District has recently completed a multi-year evaluation and analysis of the current treatment processes, technological advancements now available in the industry, as well as, the age and condition of mission-critical equipment and facilities.  Strategies were created with strong consideration for safety, cost savings through efficiency, resource reduction, utilization of existing facilities, opportunities for automation, and anticipated regulatory requirements for future years.  Phasing and timing associated with each program will address immediate concerns and deficiencies that could affect regulatory compliance.  A value engineering analysis of the alternatives resulted in a 15 year capital improvement program to ensure the plant will efficiently and effectively perform its core mission for the next century.  The project specifics are listed in the Capital Projects.

Transparent Stewardship

The District is a public entity and funded through usage fees paid for by residents and businesses to treat their wastewater.  The District does not collect property taxes, and has not since 1981.  In addition, the District has not increased usage fees in 15 years, as the fees have been adequate to operate and maintain the plant.  Financial stewardship has resulted in sufficient reserves to initiate the needed improvements.  To support business and community growth, the District believes in a predictable financial plan for the future.  The details of the financial plan are in the Financial section.


You can provide input on our plan by emailing or by filling out the input form below.  Written input will be provided to the District Board of Trustees before their October 20, 2020 meeting.

Project Input Form

Thanks for your input!

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